Enthusiast Classes

Our Enthusiast Classes are created for those who share our passion for the craft of distilling and the spirits themselves. Topics for each two-hour class include history, legends and lesser known stories about the featured spirit. Every class includes sensory evaluations along with a tour of our distillery.

FEB 13 6-8PM Like Bourbon for Chocolate – SOLD OUT
JUN 19 6-8PM Bourbon History with Mike Veach
AUG 21 6-8PM Bourbon in the Kitchen


Enthusiast Workshops

For those wanting a unique, hands-on distilling experience, roll up your sleeves and spend a day in our distillery as we show you the ins and outs of making spirits. From mashing to making the cuts, we will explore time-honored traditions, science, and modern methods of distilling.

JAN 10 9AM-4PM One-Day Moonshine Workshop
MAR 7 9AM-4PM One-Day Moonshine Workshop
MAY 9 9AM-4PM Bourbon Making Workshop
JUL 11 9AM-4PM Bourbon Making Workshop
OCT 17 9AM-4PM Bourbon Making Workshop


Distiller Courses

Our professional distiller courses are designed to give the most comprehensive technical training and business management education in the industry.

JAN 20-24 MULTI-DAY 5-Day Distiller Course – SOLD OUT
MAR 17-21 MULTI-DAY 5-Day Distiller Course – SOLD OUT
JUL 28-AUG 1 MULTI-DAY 5-Day Distiller Course – SOLD OUT
NOV 3-7 MULTI-DAY 5-Day Distiller Course – SOLD OUT
JAN 19-23, 2015 MULTI-DAY 5-Day Distiller Course
FEB 2-6, 2015 MULTI-DAY 5-Day Rum Course


Distiller Workshops

Our professional workshops offer specialized instruction in various areas of distillate production, business management, and industry best practices.

FEB 17-18 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Gin Workshop
MAR 10-11 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Whiskey Blending Workshop
JULY 7-8 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Fermentation Workshop
AUG 11-12 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Rum Workshop
SEP 29-30 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Gin Workshop
OCT 13-14 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Whiskey Experimentation Workshop
NOV 17-18 MULTI-DAY Two-Day Absinthe Workshop


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