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Our Enthusiast Classes have something for everyone with a passion for the craft. From 2 hour classes where you evaluate and learn about a particular spirit to day-long workshops where you get your hands dirty distilling the spirit yourself, you will be entertained as well as educated as our classes enrich knowledge and expand your palate.

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Bourbon Enthusiast Class

Our Bourbon Enthusiast Classes are created for those who share our passion for America’s legendary native spirit. Each two-hour class includes  sensory evaluations of featured bourbons along with a tour of our distillery Topics include bourbon’s history, legends and lesser known stories. Expand your knowledge and palate with our Bourbon Enthusiast Class; we promise a good time for all!

Gin Enthusiast Class

Our Gin Enthusiast Classes are designed for the gin lover and novice alike.  Study the classifications of gin, explore the delicate balance of botanicals, and discover why gin is experiencing a renaissance here in America.  Each 2-hour class includes a tour of our distillery and sensory evaluations of selected gins.