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Moonshine University is the educational division of Distilled Spirits Epicenter and offers a variety of classes for those with a passion for the craft of distilling and for the spirits themselves. Grease Monkey Distillery was designed as part of our classroom, and all classes incorporate hands-on learning and sensory evaluation in order to provide a complete and comprehensive education. Enthusiast Classes devote two to three hours to one type of spirit, while our Corporate Classes are tailored to the specific needs of those currently working in the spirits industry. The 5-Day Distiller Course is designed for entrepreneurs, industry professionals and those seeking careers in the distilling industry. In addition to its knowledgeable instructors, Moonshine University hosts a range of world renowned industry experts for specialized instruction and training.

Enthusiast Classes

Explore the history, culture and unique characteristics of a particular spirit, such as bourbon, gin, vodka, whiskey and rum.

Corporate Classes

Experience customized, in-depth instruction tailored to the needs of your corporate group, from product development to industry trends and brand building.

5-Day Distiller Course

Spend the week with renowned experts from every facet of the industry and learn distilling and business management from the ground up: from grain to consumer.