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Principal, Lehrman Beverage Law

Robert Lehrman

Robert teaching at Moonshine University

Mr. Lehrman is the principal attorney at Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC. He founded the firm in 2001 after 12 years at the Washington, DC office of a larger firm that specializes in federal and state administrative law. From 1998 until 2001 Robert was the partner in charge of the firm’s Washington, DC office. Mr. Lehrman concentrates on the federal regulation of alcohol beverages (beer, wine and spirits).

He has advised many companies on the production, labeling, advertising, and taxation of a wide variety of consumer products: foreign and domestic, with and without alcohol, fit and unfit for beverage purposes. Mr. Lehrman is largely responsible for removing the 100 year U.S. ban on absinthe in 2007 together with the Swiss Embassy and Kubler Absinthe. Since 1988 he has worked on thousands of new product approvals for beer, wine and spirits.