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Our comprehensive courses are guided by industry experts and encompass every facet of the distilled spirits industry. Let Moonshine University be your next stepping stone to success.

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Distilling Operations Course


Prepare to absorb two lifetimes of knowledge in three days! Master your craft with this one-of-a-kind course that is designed for those ready to take a deeper dive into all things distillery engineering and operations. From boiler to bottling, you’ll get a taste of it all!

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6-Day Distiller Course


This fully immersive 6-day course exposes the realities of day-to-day distilling while also taking you through the journey of the craft – from laying the first brick to getting a finished bottle on the shelf. The material is designed and taught by 40+ master distillers, industry insiders, and renowned operators of some of the most legendary brands. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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Whisk(e)y Workshop


Become a whiskey connoisseur with this two-day intermediate workshop that examines the world of whiskey. You’ll explore everything from whiskey classifications to production techniques to maturation styles. All of which will be complemented by sensory sessions and hands-on activities in the distillery. This class will whisk(ey) you away!

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Rum Workshop


Joining forces with The Rum University, we’re offering the most comprehensive rum training in the world! We have designed this 3-day workshop for rum lovers, distillers, and brand owners to experience a hands-on education of everyone’s favorite Caribbean creation!

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Botanical Spirits Workshop


Are you a lover of gin, absinthe, or amaro? Join us for this 3-day advanced workshop that focuses on all things botanical spirits. In this course, you’ll explore a broad palette of botanical styles for a hands-on experience that will teach you the allure of these spirits.

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Fermentation Workshop


Fermentation: the key step in crafting a spirit, where sugar is converted into that beloved alcohol. This two-day course will teach attendees all about the science of this process. We’ll cover everything from best fermentation practices, all the way down to how different variables will tweak the flavors of a spirit. We put the spirit into science class!

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Sensory Workshop


Take your sensory skills to the next level with this two-day workshop! You’ll learn how to confidently sniff and taste distinct flavors and aromas in order to diagnose discrepancies within a spirit, or to blend amazing flavors. This course gives our attendees the building blocks to create a consistent, high-quality product.

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Barrel Aging Workshop


For distillers, aging alcohol to get the flavor and consistency you desire can take decades of trial and error. Skip the frustration and expense with this two-day workshop, crafted in partnership with the experts at Independent Stave Company. Learn all about the different wood types, char levels, and staves that go into creating a perfect home for your spirits to age!

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Agave Spirits Workshop


In recent years, one of the largest gains in global beverage alcohol consumption has been in the agave spirits category. With significant growth projected for the next half decade, this new development in consumer tastes comes with huge potential for distillers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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Blending Workshop


In this two-day workshop, our industry experts will take a deep dive into the intricacies of blending aged spirits. Focusing on whiskey and rum, you’ll learn how to make seamless blends of different craft spirits, learning from the masters in these categories. This class will cover the practical application of blending methods and how they can be used to streamline your product - applicable to both small producers and commercially-sized facilities alike.

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Attendee Testimonials

Caleb Kilburn at Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.

"I came in, was able to learn from the best in the industry, and many of them I continue to converse with and have a relationship with to this day"

Caleb Kilburn

Master Distiller, Eastern Light Distilling

Isiah Washington interview

"Moonshine has been great for me. I've learned everything from the technical aspect all the way to resources throughout those different courses I’ve taken has been so exciting."

Isiah Washington

Assistant Distillery Manager, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

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Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Visit Moonshine University

Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Visit Moonshine University


Moonshiners Josh and Bill came to Louisville, Kentucky to learn how we do it at Moonshine University. They also came to sample flavored moonshine at Flavorman.

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Man smells whiskey sample

The 10 Common Congeners For Spirit Sensory


Those that are familiar with the process of crafting distilled spirits may also be familiar with the 10 common congeners that are created during fermentation, and honed during the distillation run. Each congener has its own distinct personality, rendering unique tastes and aromas to the finished spirit.

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mash build

Choosing the Right Mill for Your Craft Distillery


So, you want to start distilling with freshly milled grain. Maybe you’re tired of paying top dollar for the pre-milled stuff from the malt distributor, and you’re ready to invest in the quality, efficiency, and bulk pricing that comes with milling your own whole grain. But where do you start?

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