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Director, Flavor Architect, Flavorman

Tom Gibson

Tom Gibson presenting at Moonshine University

Tom Gibson was born in a strawberry/mango flavored test
tube and has never relented to develop and perfect any flavor
he has encountered or dreamed. He has worked in the flavor
industry for 25 years and has served roles in quality, production, R&D and management. In 2002 he was certified as a flavor chemist by the Society of Flavor Chemists. He has served
as a Flavorist for companies such as Weber Flavors and Silesia
Flavors, the latter of which he held the title of Vice president
of R&D, quality and applications for their US operation. Additionally, Tom is on the tasting panel of Perfumer and Flavorist magazine and is a contributing writer for Organoleptic
Characters of Flavor Materials. Tom is now the Director of
Flavor Development at Flavorman, where he strives to bring
flavor innovation to all aspects of Flavorman’s business.