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Fermentation Workshop


Fermentation: the key step in crafting a spirit, where sugar is converted into that beloved alcohol. This two-day course will teach attendees all about the science of this process. We’ll cover everything from best fermentation practices, all the way down to how different variables will tweak the flavors of a spirit. We put the spirit into science class!

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Who This Class Is For

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Newbies to the Industry & Enthusiasts

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Distillery Owners & Operators

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Production Team Members

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Lab Techs Looking to Improve Their Expertise

Fermentation Workshop

Course Overview

Fermentation is the conversion of sugars into alcohol. In the spirits business, alcohol is synonymous with money, which means the success of your finished product will rely on the efficiency of your fermentation process. This course shows students how to perfect that process, covering a variety of key fermentation considerations and best practices.

In this course, we’ll explore everything from the microbiology and cultivation of yeast, to the stages of its life cycle, paying special attention to how different variables affect the quality and consistency of fermentation in spirits production. Students will leave this course with an extensive understanding of the fermentation process, including how to obtain the optimal yield from every set and how to appropriately address any fermentation challenges that arise.

What You'll Learn

In addition to gaining valuable insights on the fermentation process and the distilling profession as a whole, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • Microbiology & cultivation of yeast
  • Yeast counting & propagation
  • Yeast life cycle
  • Bacterial diagnosis
  • Grain processing, receiving & storage
  • Mashing & milling operations
  • Yield optimization
  • Fermentation metrics
  • Safety & sanitation

What's Included

Tuition includes all class materials; breakfast, lunch, and refreshments; and transportation between our contracted hotel and our campus.

**Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from Day 1 to the last day of class. The Early Bird deadline is 3 weeks before the first day of class.

High Proof Education

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8 Grain Varieties Fermented

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4 Yeast Strains Evaluated

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42 Fermentation Activities Completed

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