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Rum Workshop


Joining forces with The Rum University, we’re offering the most comprehensive rum training in the world! We have designed this 3-day workshop for rum lovers, distillers, and brand owners to experience a hands-on education of everyone’s favorite Caribbean creation!


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Who This Class Is For

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Newbies to the Industry & Enthusiasts

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Distillery Owners and Operators

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Production Team Members

Rum Workshop

Course Overview

Moonshine University has joined forces with The Rum University to offer the most comprehensive rum training in the world. Designed for both existing and future rum distillers and brand owners, this 3-day workshop combines theory and practice to provide attendees with a practical, hands-on education on all things rum. From the financial, marketing, and regulatory considerations to the distillation, aging, and blending processes, every student will leave this course with a nuanced understanding of rum production, the spirits business, and how rum fits into the global, economic landscape.

Of course, you won’t miss out on any of the fun stuff: you’ll get to explore the science of rum production while getting your hands dirty distilling at our on-campus facilities. We’ll also explore the history, category styles, and production methods for rum, as well as its mash bills, fermenting, distilling, and finishing processes. With rum tastings and sensory training sessions set up throughout the course, you’ll discover a variety of rum expressions and styles, and get a feel for the versatility of this delightful spirit.

What You'll Learn

In addition to gaining valuable insights on the world of rum, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • The art of rum making
  • Sensory training
  • Classifications of rum
  • Production methods & styles
  • Mashbills & fermentation
  • Rum distillation, blending, aging & finishing
  • History & science of the rum barrel
  • Financial & regulatory considerations
  • Marketing

What's Included

Tuition includes all class materials, including a 500-page resource binder; breakfast, lunch, and refreshments; attendance to exclusive tours and networking receptions throughout the week; and transportation between our contracted hotel and our campus.

**Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from the night before Day 1 to the last day of class. The Early Bird deadline is 5 weeks before the first day of class.

High Proof Education

42 Rum Samples Provided

8 Regions or Styles Discussed

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