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Copper Bottom Craft Distillery: Alumni Spotlight

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December 28, 2017

Jeremy Craig, Head Distiller of Copper Bottom Craft Distillery, shares his story. Craig explains the inspiration for the craft distillery in Holly Hill, Florida, near the Daytona Beach area. “Copperbottom” is a British Royal Navy nautical term from the 1750s that described a Navy ship coated with copper to increase speed and prevent barnacle growth. Later, the term would be applied to sailors deemed reliable, genuine, and trustworthy.

Craig came to Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky to discover what it would take to launch his dream distillery. At the 6-Day Distiller course, he was able to gain contacts, knowledge, and skills that saved him time, money, and mistakes.

About Copper Bottom Craft Distillery

Founded in Holly Hill, FL., Copper Bottom Craft Distillery brings the craft of distilling back to its roots. From rebel rum runners like Bill McCoy who called our city “home,” to historic Three Chimneys, the site of the oldest sugar plantation and rum distillery in North America. Our brand reflects the thriving operations that were here before us.

Located steps from the Halifax River, our small-batch distillery is named after an 18th century seafaring term used to describe someone who is thoroughly reliable, trustworthy and certain not to fail. Our family is committed to producing spirits that exemplify the Copper Bottom legacy.

Copper Bottom Craft Distillery

Currently, the distillery specializes in vodka and several styles of rum.

Interested in learning more about the distilling process and the spirits industry? Check out Moonshine University’s 2020 courses to learn from the best in the business or contact our team to hear about our professional services.

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