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Custom Education

At Moonshine University, our state-of-the-art educational distillery and extensive sensory libraries, coupled with a faculty of industry experts, enable us to tailor an educational experience perfectly suited to your needs. From adjusting the complexity of the subject matter to determining the level of hands-on involvement in the distillery, we customize everything to ensure your learning experience is both informative and engaging. Whether you prefer a concise 1-hour seminar or an immersive week-long program, we guarantee a personalized class that proves learning can indeed be fun.

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Analytical Testing

Bourbon Certification


Custom Education

My Craft Distillery

Product Development

Sensory Evaluation

Who We Educate

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Distillery Owners, Operators, & Team Members

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Professionals in the Hospitality Industry

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Specialized & Non-Traditional Spirit Makers

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Production Team Members

Custom Education

Training Designed For You

For over a decade, Moonshine University has been committed to supporting the distilling industry with world-class educational resources and professional services.

The costs of our Custom Education services are a culmination of whether or not you will be utilizing our distillery, the amount of staff needed, the size of your group, hotels, meals, alcohol pours, and any other extenuating needs. Give us a call to start this discussion for your one-of-a-kind, educational experience!

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What We Teach

  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Maturation
  • Sensory
  • Filtration
  • Finishing
  • Distillery Operations
  • Safety
  • Regulatory & TTB Compliance
  • Specialized exploration of any spirit (Rum, Whiskey, Gin, etc.)
  • Not seeing your desired topic? We can likely cover it! Contact us to start this discussion today.

High Proof Education

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115 Private Classes Taught

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350 Businesses Educated

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Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Visit Moonshine University

Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Visit Moonshine University


Moonshiners Josh and Bill came to Louisville, Kentucky to learn how we do it at Moonshine University. They also came to sample flavored moonshine at Flavorman.

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The 10 Common Congeners For Spirit Sensory


Those that are familiar with the process of crafting distilled spirits may also be familiar with the 10 common congeners that are created during fermentation, and honed during the distillation run. Each congener has its own distinct personality, rendering unique tastes and aromas to the finished spirit.

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Choosing the Right Mill for Your Craft Distillery


So, you want to start distilling with freshly milled grain. Maybe you’re tired of paying top dollar for the pre-milled stuff from the malt distributor, and you’re ready to invest in the quality, efficiency, and bulk pricing that comes with milling your own whole grain. But where do you start?

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