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Looking to develop a new whiskey, gin, rum, or other spirit? Don't halt your production to explore a new concept, and don’t wait until your distillery is built to start dialing in your dream spirit. Let our experts perfect your idea for you. Whether you're seeking assistance developing a new mash bill, experimenting with a fresh maturation technique, or creating a flavored spirit, Moonshine University can help.

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Gin product development is an exciting interplay between botanical alchemy and creative expression, where a diverse array of botanicals is carefully curated to produce a harmonious and distinctive flavor profile.

The heart of gin lies in the infusion of juniper berries, providing the spirit with its quintessential piney and citrusy notes. Beyond juniper, a medley of botanicals such as coriander, citrus peel, angelica root, and others are thoughtfully selected to contribute to the complex and layered taste of the final product. We have a large repository of these botanicals, both fresh and in their distillate form so that you can truly get a grasp on the sensory varieties. While you will have full control over the complex flavor profile, our gin experts will walk you through different outcomes of choosing one botanical over the other.

The distillation process is a delicate art, with both traditional pot stills and modern column stills being employed to extract the essence of the botanicals. We have a state of the art micro-distillery that is capable of experimenting and troubleshooting your product throughout the distillation process. This also allows for 100% of our distillery equipment to be focused on you and your product while you are developing with us.

Developing a gin with Moonshine University's experts is a one-stop-shop towards creating an incredible final product, as you will have access to all of our consulting staff and equipment for the time you are working with us. Are you ready to develop our next best gin with Moonshine University? Get in contact with us today!

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Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Visit Moonshine University

Discovery Channel's Moonshiners Visit Moonshine University


Moonshiners Josh and Bill came to Louisville, Kentucky to learn how we do it at Moonshine University. They also came to sample flavored moonshine at Flavorman.

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So, you want to start distilling with freshly milled grain. Maybe you’re tired of paying top dollar for the pre-milled stuff from the malt distributor, and you’re ready to invest in the quality, efficiency, and bulk pricing that comes with milling your own whole grain. But where do you start?

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